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Energy Docs is an industry leading Home Performance contractor which specializes in designing and conducting Home Performance retrofits to Northern California homes. We design and install high performance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, along with upgrading the performance of your home's building shell and energy consuming features. We are the best at what we do.

A full home performance retrofit from the Energy Docs will provide you with much better comfort, much better indoor air quality, and a safer, more durable home which uses up to 75% less energy than before. We are also the only company in the Redding area that is certified to obtain all of the available Home Performance rebates for you, including REU and Energy Upgrade CA, so you get more return for your investment, when you choose us.

The Energy Docs trained, and BPI certified specialists, use modern test equipment tools, and a deep understanding of the latest building science, to test, diagnose, and treat your home, transforming it into a healthy, comfortable, safe, and energy efficient home. We do things differently than the rest. Rather than assume what your home needs to be more comfortable and efficient, we test it. Then we document what we are going to do, both before, and after, we perform our work. We set project targets at the outset; things like no measurable duct leakage, and a minimum of 50% reduction in building shell leakage. And then we go about our work, meeting and exceeding our targets, and documenting the results after all work has been completed. And during the installation, when the opportunity is there to ensure we get every bit of performance that we can, we test and verify our work while we are doing it- not afterwards when the workers are finished- to make sure it is excellent. The end result is comfort, high performance and efficiency, with the savings from the efficiency gains, exceeding the payment on the project loan.

We never base the quality of our work (like all the rest do) on D-, "code compliant", Title 24 levels. That is unfortunately what the HVAC industry is based on- doing mimimum quality, low bidder work. Instead, we have adopted the highest HVAC quality installation standards, like ACCA Standard 5, and Building Performance Instititue (BPI) AC and Heat Pump Standards, as the absolute miniumum level we "start" at. Then we exceed these by a wide margin on all of our projects. It's the reason why the results of our Home Performance design work has been showcased in ASHRAE's (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers) national monthly magazine (Jan '12 issue).

And always, we are committed to ensuring that your long term performance goals are met by ongoing feedback from you, and all of your future energy bills.