Energy Docs

Who We Are

The Energy Docs is a state licensed, bonded, and insured, General Building Contracting company. We specialize in performing comprehensive Home Performance retrofits to exisiting homes. The thing that makes us different from everyone else, like the subcontractor HVAC companies, is that we perform a whole house assessment of your home's energy consuming features, and work with you to design, then execute, a retrofit strategy that meets your needs, and budget. Our work exceeds all local and national "best practices" including ACCA Standard 5 and the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and Title 24 code requirements. And not only do we do better than the best standards, but we then measure and track the performance of our projects, to ensure our targets are met and exceeded. California licensing of the "whole house" approach also requires the General Building Contractor license, instead of a "subcontractor" license like C-20 (HVAC), so you get full HVAC system and upgraded building enclosure performance, not the shiny boxes that the HVAC companies want to sell you at a high profit margin.

Due to our years of experience in performing and teaching this information in Redding, we are the company with the knowledge, skills, license, and abilities, to transform your home into an energy efficient, comfortable home, using our specially trained and experienced crew. We don't "sub out" this work, we perform it with the highest quality and attention to detail that you deserve. We are pioneers in Home Performance, and are leading the Home Performance industry, by example, with our zero-leakage HVAC systems and perfomance monitoring of actual system performance.

We have designed, installed, and supervised over 40 deep energy retrofits to Redding and Mt. Shasta homes over the past year, with all of the customers reporting combinations of improved comfort, cleaner indoor air, elimination of moisture problems, and annual energy bill savings of up to 75%!

We are the only company who can test, specify, install and commission your new systems and energy features, transforming your home into a healthy, affordable, safe, clean, durable, and comfortable place. We design, supply and install complete heating, air conditioning, energy recovery and ventilation systems, water heaters and new "no wait" hot water distribution systems- along with insulation and targeted air sealing work- all by our "in house" trained and BPI certified professionals.